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unicorn sample for sticker tales

Make Pictures

Create scenes and backgrounds with the first sticker book app for kids on Windows 8. The Sticker Tales App has multiple sticker books (also called sticker packs). Each themed sticker pack has 6+ engaging backgrounds and 20-40 corresponding stickers. In addition, each sticker pack has a variety of fun and educational games to add to the fun you and your children will have.

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guess who sticker tales game

Play Games

In addition to the backgrounds, we have included games that you and your children will find rewarding and engaging. These games are also based off of the every day sticker book. These games include completing patterns, matching, mazes, and other fun games. Each sticker pack is tailor-made, so you will never feel like you are getting the same book twice. Join in on the fun that kids everywhere are having!

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stickers from undersea adventures sticker pack

Grow Your Sticker Collection

Each sticker pack as new and exciting stickers, backgrounds, and games. Every sticker pack comes with 40+ new stickers to create backgrounds and scenes. Expand your collection by trying our sticker packs in addition to the free Farm Fun sticker pack.

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